Our most popular scent. True North is a masculine, clean scent with Bergamot, Clary Sage and Citrus. Loved by both men and women.

Here's what one of our customers had to say about our True North scent:

"The True North scent is absolutely mesmerizing. If Justin Trudeau were chopping wood in an evergreen forest with his shirt off while holding a baby, this is what it would smell like." Preach.

If you're south of the 49th Parallel and don't know Trudeau, he is Canada's hunky Prime Minister. To give you an idea of just how dreamy - he recently photobombed a wedding. Shirtless. In a wetsuit. Holding a surfboard. Yes. The leader of our country. Go Google him. You're welcome.

Our solid perfumes, like everything else we make, are simply natural. Just coconut oil, beeswax and scent. Exactly what they need to smell amazing - nothing more, nothing less. Scented exclusively with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in our unique signature blends. 

Our perfumes do not contain any chemical scent fixatives or synthetic fragrances. They are designed to delight those close to us, not the entire subway car. Never brash or overbearing. Just subtle, sexy and understated. 

Listing includes a .25 oz reusable tin pot of perfume.

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