Passion + Purpose

In 2008 my hubby Jeff + I chose to plant blueberries instead of ornamental shrubs in our urban East Vancouver front yard. Little did we know that simple choice would quickly lead us to a full-blown urban farm + eventually to a thriving small farm in rural Langley.

In the years in since those first blueberries we have discovered that a life lived with less: less stuff, less money, less garbage, less consumption - leads to so much more joy. We have transformed from consumers to producers, learning how to provide the basic necessities for our family on our own.

Our lives now revolve around the rhythm of the seasons + daily care of animals + children. We know the joy of a creek full of baby ducklings + the satisfaction of a homegrown meal. 

Now our purpose + passion is to share our tools + knowledge with others so that they might enjoy the same simple pleasures that enrich our daily lives.  

By choosing joyful simplicity + making small, mindful changes in our day-to-day lives each of us sow the seeds of a revolution that has the power to change our world.