Farm to Face Raw Goat Milk Soap

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clover the goat

Meet my girl, Clover!

Clover is the hard working lady who produces the bulk of the beautiful raw goat milk that goes into our soaps.

Clover spends her days outside in the sunshine munching on our tenacious brambles and keeping a close eye on our tiny herd of goats. She is a Lady Boss through and through; even our giant Great Pyrenees guardian dog minds her manners around Ms. Clover. Anyone who doesn't better look out!

Clover is a Swiss goat breed called a Saanen. Saanen's produce a lot of milk, with around the same butter fat as whole cow's milk. It is fresh and clean tasting. Clover provides milk for our family, and our goat milk soap makes sure none of the extra goes to waste.

My hubby milks her by hand (yes, really!) twice a day and the frothy glass jars of milk are prepared for daily for soap making while they are still warm. You can't get fresher than that!

Clover and her gorgeous fresh milk are just one part of how we integrate our farm into our soap business. It is very important to us that we make sure nothing on the farm goes to waste, and that we use the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible. The best way we know how is to raise them ourselves. 

From our Farm to your Face, each and every bar of our goat milk soap is full of love for our animals, our farm and our planet.

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