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About our farm

Founded in 1892 by original settler Henry Coghlan, our tiny 5 acre homestead lays nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in BC's bountiful Fraser Valley.

We are passionate about food that is good, clean and fair. Our goal here is to thumb our noses at the corporate food system while enjoying a joyful, tasty life. We are pasture-based, deep-organic, rule-breaking renegade farmers.


About the farm mercantile
We can't mail you our beautiful eggs, so instead the focus of our presence online is creating useful, beautiful things for your own homestead, whether that be on a farm like ours or a small apartment in the city.

Our mission is to provide kindred hearts with the tools you need to live a sustainable, resilient, beautiful, joyful life and capture the spirit of our homestead, wherever your life finds you.

If you live in the Fraser Valley or Greater Vancouver Area you can sign-up for our Fresh Sheet to stay in the know about our Farm Fresh products here.

THANK YOU for supporting our family farm. Your support of my shop allows us to continue farming and rebuilding both our lovely old farm and our local food shed, one meal, one belly and one heart at a time.

Many thanks,

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